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Can the Bible be trusted?


They're age old questions: can the the Bible be trusted? Wasn't it written by men? Men are prone to error so isn't the Bible full of errors and contradictions? Is the Bible relevant today? Isn't it just an out of date, dusty old book?


The obvious answers to those questions and many like it is a resounding no! But rather than go into a lengthy article on why, I'll let you watch the video. The good folks at Living Waters have spelt things out perfectly for you 4 short minutes.


If you're interested in the truth, sit back and watch this with an open mind then follow it up with your own research. God is fond of letting know we should always question what we're told and back everything up by studying His Word - the Bible - to assess the truth of what we're being told. And if you have questions, we're on hand to help you out. Drop us an email at, come along to one of our church services on Sunday or leave a comment below or on our Facebook Page.

Dave, 31/01/2011

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