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About Us

LSC is a Pentecostal Christian AoG church in New Malden, south London. LSC’s multicultural family invites everyone curious about God's place in their life to join us at church—2.00pm every Sunday—where you will hear live music from the LSC Band, and inspirational speaking.


We are an all-age local church made up of people from 15 different nationalities. We seek to teach, understand and follow the full message of the Bible, which shows us how to connect with God, which is the most vital need for everyone in our modern world. Our desire to share this message goes beyond our locality and we have a burning desire to be a blessing on this nation and others around the globe.

We are an enthusiastic church and our Sunday meetings have a contemporary feel, with modern music mixed in with those old-school gospel classics. With open participation to all, we seek to allow God to guide us in everything we do. Bible teaching is always a key ingredient of our meetings together and we also provide weekend youth programmes so no one is left out.