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Bill, You're not helping!


This video initially made me chuckle. It features Dave Silverman President of American Atheists defending his stance that all religions are scams on Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor Tuesday 4th January against Republican-loving host Bill O'Reilly. It made me chuckle both because of O'Reilly's ill-conceived proof of God's existence: "tide goes in tide goes out, you can't explain that", which should have school children everywhere shouting "the moon!" at their screens. But also because of Silverman's inexplicable failure to counter O'Reilly 'logic'.


When it comes down to it, both men are talking nonsense. Silverman's contention that most people know that religion is a scam combined with his admission that he has no idea why people go to church underlines his true position as a man holding views founded on nothing but his own beliefs. And O'Reilly's demonstration that his belief in God is founded on his inability to comprehend tidal forces is alarming for such a high profile TV personality who claims to be a Christian.


Both men are in the spotlight talking about God in ways that do Him no favours. It was this thought that turned my reaction from one of laughter to concern. I'm sure there are many who will see Silverman's billboards and simply take his point of view as fact. Similarly, there are many who see O'Reilly as a shining example of Christianity.


I would advise both men to do us all a favour and get to know God before opening their mouths to insult or defend Him in a public forum. And I'd advise those looking for the truth about God to look for their answers at the source: the Word of God himself, the Bible.

Dave, 08/01/2011

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